Petra Luna

Petra joined MerryMedia as a consultant in 2012, and the next year was named partner.

Prior to MerryMedia, Petra served as co-founder of Q-This, for which she produced and directed numerous national promotional campaigns on radio, television and online. The campaigns centered mostly on DVD movie releases and video game launches for platforms such as Xbox Live.

In her native Germany, Petra established a successful film company where she served as a writer, producer and director. Her first trip to Los Angeles focused on soliciting film partners, but she was soon sought after to help with international promotions.

Having studied economics with a focus on marketing at a leading university and been involved in film distribution and promotion, this new niche was a natural transition for her, and she loved it – and still does!

In addition to being a science fiction aficionado, Petra is an animal rights activist and hosts the CatCrazy Channel on YouTube. If you are also a cat lover, check out and enjoy!