Merry Aronson



Before establishing MerryMedia in 2002, Merry served as a network television promotion executive, an entertainment publicist and professional journalist.


Merry spent eight years as a director in NBC’s department of Affiliate Marketing, producing national promotions for all dayparts. Before that, Merry was a Press Manager for NBC, directing publicity campaigns for numerous series, movies and specials.


Her public relations background includes being part of the team that launched the Fox Broadcasting Company and the now defunct Nashville Network. In addition, she directed publicity for the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP).


Merry is the co-author of The Public Relations Writer’s Handbook, The Digital Age. The book is based on a course she originated at New York University, her alma mater, and later taught in the UCLA Extension program. The book has become an industry standard reference.


Before entering public relations, Merry worked as an entertainment journalist in New York City and her feature articles and theater reviews appeared in various national publications including USA Today, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.  She also served as a writer for Good Morning America along with several syndicated TV shows.


Merry is passionate about Yoga and has co-written and edited several books on the subject, among them are Yoga Rx and Yoga After 50 for Dummies.

Petra Luna



Petra joined MerryMedia as a consultant in 2012, and the next year was named partner.


Prior to MerryMedia, Petra served as co-founder of Q-This, for which she produced and directed numerous national promotional campaigns on radio, television and online. The campaigns centered mostly on DVD movie releases and video game launches for platforms such as Xbox Live.


In her native Germany, Petra established a successful film company where she served as a writer, producer and director. Her first trip to Los Angeles focused on soliciting film partners, but she was soon sought after to help with international promotions.


Having studied economics with a focus on marketing at a leading university and been involved in film distribution and promotion, this new niche was a natural transition for her, and she loved it – and still does!


In addition to being a science fiction aficionado, Petra is an animal rights activist and hosts the CatCrazy Channel on YouTube. If you are also a cat lover, check out and enjoy!

Maryann Ridini Spencer



Maryann Ridini Spencer founded the Ridini Entertainment Corporation (REC), a public relations, marketing and TV/firm production company, to pursue her creative passions.  


She began her career as a news writer and producer for CNN and a print journalist for various magazines, including LA Magazine and Palm Springs Life. Additionally, working as a former Director of Publicity and SVP of Publicity at major Hollywood studios and agencies, she has managed numerous publicity campaigns for TV series, movies, national and international consumer brands, and various California cities. She also excels at screenwriting and TV and film production. 


Among her most well-known TV productions is the award-winning Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, The Lost Valentine starring the late Betty White. Maryann’s screenplay was based on the James Michael Pratt novel and the broadcast was one of the highest-rated in the history of the CBS Television Network.  


Other productions have been broadcast in foreign theatrical markets and, domestically, her productions have appeared on Showtime, TMC, plus the SyFy and USA Networks. 


Her passion for food and cooking opened yet another career path, and she is now the on-air host of the award-winning series, Simply Delicious Living with Maryann® (2011 to present).


That series is broadcast on the PBS-TV station KVCR in Southern California, DirecTV, and DishTV and to a global audience on YouTube, and on Maryann’s blog 


In addition to cookbooks, Maryann is author of three Kate Grace Novels: Lady in the Window, winner of 2018 American Fiction Visionary Award; the Amazon Bestseller, The Paradise Table and Secrets of Grace Manor, a 2021 Best Book Finalist.

Daisy Mae Doolittle

Director of Human Resources

Daisy Mae Doolittle joined MerryMedia in 2019 as an intern and was quickly promoted to office champion. She now serves as Director of Human Resources at MPower Media and likes to bark orders. She is a passionate foodie, her favorite TV series is The Dog Whisperer, in which Cesar Millan trains humans, and her favorite color is pink. Daisy loves to take her humans on long walks around the neighborhood and has no sleep issues whatsoever. She is currently working on a master’s degree in psychology with the goal of one day opening her own agency, Canine Concepts.